From the editor of US Right On

Here’s what subscribers are saying about US Right On —

“What a beautiful site!  So professional!”  Vicki-California

“This looks like a REAL website!  Great Job!  Great banner!  …And it displays on my phone perfectly!”  Antony-Oregon

“Oh my stars, I love this… it is so beautifully done, what a great layout and written wonderfully by you gals! You amaze me…”  Ruthy-Upstate New York

If these are the results you want then CHO Web Creations’ Chip McLean is the guy you want.

About websites…  If you don’t know a page from a post, a category from a title bar, SEO from add media, edit from publish, preview from more tags — then you’ve come to the right place.  Chip is definitely a one-on-one mentor who will take you step-by-step through the process of building your very own personalized website.  It is quite the adventure but then so is everything worth anything.

We are going to keep Chip on a monthly retainer.  We’ve learned a lot, of course, but there remain tricks, nuances, questions, techniques.  It’s just smart for us to keep him close by.

Good Luck with your new website!  You can do it!

Ronnie Herne

Partner/Editor US Right On.com